Drew Hood and Nick Rieger

June 23, 2008

Drew Hood
Digital Photograph

Inspiration piece provided to Nick Rieger

Truth and Emptiness
by Nick Rieger

There I am

facing you, and in the mirror
is my alter image

of one who knows that tomorrow brings no solace
since she left, for territories unknown
The landscape of her skin, though,

knew my touch.
Now, it knows nothing but the emptiness in its path
of what she left behind for me to grasp
onto the aching truth of it all.

My soul now only knows remorse.


Drew Hood
Digital Photograph
Made using Nick Rieger’s poem (below) as inspiration

Gemini Cast
by Nick Rieger

Winter’s tale of night slithers inside you
For the world has turned to
Faded black and white photo’s
Spread across your morbid mind
Surrounded by subterranean mutations that
Inhabit the deep, dusky places you keep.
A frail changeling you’ve become
Cold as could be, mewling an elegy
In a web of despair, caught there without end
Surrounded by forged walls of loneliness
You move only by great effort dragging
Hundred pound weights of inertia.
Now waiting for that final plunge downward
Into timeless, hopeless, desperation

A summer of radiant sun on golden bodies beholds you
Butterflies fly away from the outstretched
hands of ecstatic, laughing children running all through
Fields of green that go on forever.
You dance to your own elated, fluttering heart while
Intoxicating energy courses inside you
Your euphoric mind and mischievous body.
Lost in obsessions, imperative obligations
Competing thoughts fume inside your head.
Anxious with motion you become a juggler keeping a
Hundred balls a float while running along a narrow cliff’s ledge.
Too fast, faster, now gone off like a thousand
Fireworks racing skyward that fill up the
Night sky with embryonic outbursts of exhilaration and joy.


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