Ruth Kelmer and Amy Souza

June 22, 2008

Ruth Kelmer
The Maternity Question

Acrylic on canvas, 22″ x 28″
Inspiration Piece provided to Amy Souza

without mothers
by Amy Souza

the stormy skies of a faceless woman
break out of your fractured reality
exposed, framed: who are you and who should you be?

cracked prism of melting drama
drips the collective hands of Mother Nature
a shame to leave a good womb empty, no?


Ruth Kelmer
Deserted Boardwalk

Acrylic on paper, 11″ x 15″
Painted using Amy Souza’s poem (below) as inspiration

Padanaram in Winter
by Amy Souza

The dog tromps these unplowed streets, turns back every so often to make sure you’re there. Ducks float atop close-in waves, the water swishing onto the beach as in summer, enticing, belying its icy clutches.

Except for a few parked cars and a line of recent footprints, the village appears abandoned, the storefronts dark, some covered with crisscrossed boards to keep out intruders, ghosts, the night, the living.

In one window, half hidden by frost, hangs this painting: faded sailboats against a delicate ocher sky.

Next door, the boatyard’s lot is lined with docks pulled aground for the season; their foam bottoms stand as high as a young girl, like the hidden depths of an iceberg, mottled with dried seaweed and old mussels. The gray planks above, painted with sand for boat-shoe traction, hide now beneath drifts of snow, a memory.

Down the shore a fish jumps or someone out of view has thrown a rock. The dog barks, runs toward the water, toward the ducks, who stand in place, slapping their wings against the cold air to balance their feathered bottoms. This dog is in their territory. They will not move.


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